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Added "$relationMatch" operator

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1 parent 618509e commit 55c6c298490db4c4dedae510b7369b23b5880f7a @davidgtonge committed Mar 5, 2012
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@@ -20,7 +20,7 @@ parse_query = (raw_query) ->
if test_query_value type, value
o.type = type
switch type
- when "$elemMatch"
+ when "$elemMatch", "$relationMatch"
o.value = parse_query value
when "$computed"
q = {}
@@ -55,6 +55,7 @@ test_model_attribute = (type, value) ->
when "$contains", "$all", "$any", "$elemMatch" then _(value).isArray()
when "$size" then _(value).isArray() or _(value).isString()
when "$in", "$nin" then value?
+ when "$relationMatch" then value? and value.models
else true
# Perform the actual query logic for each query and each model/attribute
@@ -82,15 +83,16 @@ perform_query = (type, value, attr, model, key) ->
when "$regex" then value.test attr
when "$cb" then model, attr
when "$elemMatch" then iterator attr, value, false, detect, "elemMatch"
+ when "$relationMatch" then iterator attr.models, value, false, detect, "relationMatch"
when "$computed" then iterator [model], value, false, detect, "computed"
else false
# The main iterator that actually applies the query
-iterator = (models, query, andOr, filterReject, subQuery = false) ->
+iterator = (models, query, andOr, filterFunction, subQuery = false) ->
parsed_query = if subQuery then query else parse_query query
# The collections filter or reject method is used to iterate through each model in the collection
- filterReject models, (model) ->
+ filterFunction models, (model) ->
# For each model in the collection, iterate through the supplied queries
for q in parsed_query
# Retrieve the attribute value from the model

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