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This software was mostly written by:
Mathias Schäfer (9elements) @molily
Johannes Emerich (Moviepilot) @knuton
With input and contributions from:
Nico Hagenburger @hagenburger
Rin Räuber (9elements) @rinpaku
Wojtek Gorecki (9elements) @newmetl
Jan Monschke (9elements) @thedeftone
Jan Varwig (9elements) @agento
Patrick Schneider (9elements) @padschneider
Luis Merino (Moviepilot) @rendez
The architecture was derived from,
a project by Moviepilot with support from 9elements.
Find out more about Moviepilot:
Find out more about 9elements:
Check out more open-source projects by Moviepilot and 9elements: