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- Persistent controllers with aren't disposed
On, all controllers are instantiated once in the ApplicationController
and reused during application runtime. They just have startup and teardown methods.
So they might be able *not* to dispose the model and views in case the new controller
is the same controller. For example, the user visits the URL
/movies/9040-the-avengers/1234-some-article and switches to
/movies/9040-the-avengers/5678-another-article which are both handled by the same
controller. So the controller does not dispose all collections and views but merely
updates the article model.
In Chaplin, controllers are instantiated and disposed with every URL change.
So it’s not possible to reuse existing the objects. The only way would be to persist
these objects on the mediator. But is this the best solution?
- Controller transition example
Often you want a transition between two screens of the application. We had this
once on but this made the controller startup process way more
complex and inconsistent.
Currently the old controller with its models and views is disposed completely,
afterwards the new controller is instantiated and its views are rendered.
This structure doesn’t allow multiple views to be visible at the same
time. Maybe we can find good solution here.
- Better view management and sub-view nesting
Creating views in controllers and sub-views in views requires much code and
they have to be disposed manually.
There should be a conventional mechanism to create views so they might
be adressed in a consistent way and might be automatically disposed
(I think Thorax and Marionette provide good solutions for that).