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Abort requests that are taking too long; a Timeout::Error will be raised.


Rails 3 app or Rails 2.3 app with Bundler

# Gemfile
gem "SystemTimer", :require => "system_timer", :platforms => :ruby_18
gem "rack-timeout"

Rails 2.3 app without Bundler

# config/environment.rb
config.gem "SystemTimer", :lib => "system_timer" if RUBY_VERSION < "1.9"
config.gem "rack-timeout"

Sinatra and other Rack apps

require 'rack/timeout'
use Rack::Timeout
Rack::Timeout.timeout = 10  # this line is optional. if omitted, default is 15 seconds.

Setting a custom timeout for Rails apps

# config/initializers/timeout.rb
Rack::Timeout.timeout = 10  # seconds

Here be dragons

SystemTimer/timeout rely on threads. If your app or any of the libraries it depends on is not thread-safe, you may run into issues using rack-timeout.

Copyright © 2010 Caio Chassot, released under the MIT license