Make VIIRS frontend its own package #12

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davidh-ssec commented Jul 30, 2012

@rayg-ssec would like to use the VIIRS guidebook functions for a CSPP quicklook generator. In order for no copying/pasting to happen and for @rayg-ssec to not have to use the entire polar2grid package we will need to create separate packages for the VIIRS frontend.

So there would be a "polar2grid" package, a "polar2grid.viirs" package, and a "polar2grid.core" package (viirs depends on some constants in here). The main unknown is whether or not the current python packaging system supports have a namespace "package", i.e. the polar2grid package. Imports with that structure might not work properly.

davidh-ssec was assigned Jul 30, 2012


davidh-ssec commented Jul 30, 2012

Oh and it should be the viirs package should be zipsafe


davidh-ssec commented Jul 30, 2012

This fix causes the software bundle structure to change. Instead of the single polar2grid python package there is now $POLAR2GRID/python which is an easy_install location. Since the easy_install wrapper script uses hardcoded paths you have to use the module so while in the $POLAR2GRID_HOME/python directory run this to install a polar2grid package.

$POLAR2GRID_HOME/ShellB3/bin/python -m easy_install -d . <package tarball>

This also means that the polar2grid environment script won't know where the .conf and .ncml files are unless some extra work is done. Luckily, the python code knows where it is relative to the script looking for it. Everything seems to work.

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