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Pull Requests are great (on the dev branch)! Readme/Documentation changes are ok in the master branch.

  1. Fork the Repo on github.
  2. If you are adding functionality or fixing a bug, please add a test!
  3. Add your name to AUTHORS.txt
  4. Push to your fork and submit a pull request to the dev branch.

My master branch is a 100% stable (should be). I only push to it after I am certain that things are working out. Many people are using Jedi directly from the github master branch.

Try to use the PEP8 style guide.

Changing Issues to Pull Requests (Github)

If you have have previously filed a GitHub issue and want to contribute code that addresses that issue, we prefer it if you use hub to convert your existing issue to a pull request. To do that, first push the changes to a separate branch in your fork and then issue the following command:

hub pull-request -b davidhalter:dev -i <issue-number> -h <your-github-username>:<your-branch-name>

It's no strict requirement though, if you don't have hub installed or prefer to use the web interface, then feel free to post a traditional pull request.