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Added installation instructions (fixes #31)
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@@ -50,6 +50,27 @@ There is also support for goto and renaming.
Get the latest from `github <>`_.
+You can either include Jedi as a submodule in your text editor plugin (like
+jedi-vim_ does it by default), or you
+can install Jedi systemwide.
+The preferred way to install the Jedi library into your system is by using
+ sudo pip install jedi
+If you want to install the current development version::
+ sudo pip install -e git://
+Note: This just installs the Jedi library, not the editor plugins. For
+information about how to make it work with your editor, refer to the
+corresponding documentation.
@@ -221,3 +242,8 @@ multiple text objects, in python 3 you could insert ``print``.
Access to the ```` module. The settings are described there.
+.. _jedi-vim:
+.. _pip:
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