Strange 10s delay on __getitem__ #47

dbrgn opened this Issue Oct 28, 2012 · 2 comments

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See this file:

Go to line 124 in vim, move the cursor to the last character and press "a". A 10-15 seconds delay occurs.

At first it even gave me segfaults, after a recompilation of vim that doesn't happen anymore, but the long delay still persists.


Are you still experiencing this? I fixed a little bug, but I couldn't reproduce the bug. Probably there were some fixes along the way, which have solved this.

It's still not as fast as it should be (~ 100ms delay), but that's covered here: davidhalter/jedi-vim#23


The 10-15s delay is gone. There's still the delay that you mentioned (probably 300-500ms, hard to tell), but the main issue seems to be fixed. Thanks.

@dbrgn dbrgn closed this Nov 30, 2012
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