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python-fmrest is a wrapper around the FileMaker Data API.

No need to worry about manually requesting access tokens, setting the right http headers, parsing responses, ...

Quick example:

>>> fms = fmrest.Server('',
>>> fms.login()
>>> record = fms.get_record(1)
John Doe

NEW: FileMaker 17 compatible! 🎉

This library is fully compatible with FileMaker 17. All new features (including script and container support) are supported and all API changes from v16 (renamed API paths, formats, etc.) are being handled.

v16 support is dropped as the trial of the FMSDAPI automatically terminates in September 2018. If you still need the library for v16, please download/use the tagged release for v16. If you are having problems, please create a new issue.

Supported Features

All API paths can be served:

  • auth
  • record
  • find
  • global

Feel free to contribute!

If you would like to contribute, you can help with the code, try it out and report 🐞🐞, propose new features, write tests, add examples and documentation.

There's always room for improvement!

Questions/problems? Open a new issue. You can also contact me directly at


You need Python 3.6 and FileMaker Server/Cloud 17.

You can install the library like this (preferably in a virtualenv):

pip install python-fmrest

Or the latest master:

pip install

Usage Examples

Examples can be found in the examples directory. Can't figure something out or feel an example is missing? Please file an issue.

Local development / running tests

Make sure to have requirements-dev.txt installed:

pip install -r requirements-dev.txt

Running pytest will run all tests. To run specific tests, specify the path:

pytest tests/unit

For running tests/integration you will need to have a real FileMaker Server and a test database.

For static type checking, please use mypy:

mypy fmrest

To have all tests plus static type checks run every time before a commit, please install the git hook:

cd hooks
chmod +x


Some bits and pieces are not implemented yet.

Examples of what I can think of:

  • OAuth support
  • Handling of reserved field names (currently, record_id, modification_id, is_dirty clash with used properties and you will not be able to read your own fields with the same name)
  • Needs more test coverage, e.g. for get_records(), find(), edit_record()
  • Some more usage examples on how to create, edit, delete, set globals, etc. Tell me where you have issues by opening an issue.
  • cli support would be great at some point in the future :-)