A minimalist horizontal config file for conky
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Conky Horizontal Minimalist

A minimalist horizontal config file for conky 1.10.0
For conky v1.9 go to Release v1.9.0


Rename and place conkyrc file and conky directory to ~/.conkyrc and ~/.conky


  • Information of wired connections has priority over wireless when both are connected.
  • Change name of your nets interface in .conkyrc
  • Require lm-sensors and hddtemp for temperature measuring
  • Uses lua for semitransparency background
  • Using since Ubuntu 9.10
  • Last tested on Ubuntu Gnome 16.04, Ubuntu 16.04


Close up

Close view

**Full screen**

Full view


Code of draw_bg.lua file by londonali1010

More screenshots at davidhdz

Conky website: http://github.com/brndnmtthws/conky

Ubuntu website: http://www.ubuntu.com/

Ubuntu Gnome website: http://ubuntugnome.org/