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A repository of content for my website, frameworks, and resources.
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David Hoang

Hello. This is my personal repo that I'd like to open source with everyone. You'll find content here such as:

  • Assets and copy I use for my personal website
  • Speaking Resources
  • A list of frameworks, processes, and writing

My Design Principles

  • Set your personal bar high. I don't expect you to be a unicorn, but you should at least try
  • Next executable step. What’s the next executable step you can take to add value and make progress?
  • Design is not magic. It’s a rigorous process of exploration, iteration, and validation until you reach your outcome; a process that makes the end user feel like it is magic.

I'm open to feedback and contributions on this. Please feel free to submit a GitHub issue or submit a pull request.


Let's Connect

I love connecting with humans and look forward to hearing from you

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