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There and Back Again

Thank you for coming to my talk or visiting this repo. The intent is to keep a living and open conversation around Product Discovery and Exploration. If you have any feedback or ideas I would appreciate you submitting a GitHub issue on the matter.

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About me

  • BFA in Drawing and Painting
(Minor in Humanities and Art History)
  • Not a developer, but I love making things
  • Enjoys traveling and learning from those experiences
  • Favorite iPhone is still the 4S
  • Live in Seattle, but work in San Francisco
  • I don't care about the headphone jack because I still listen to music on my iPod classic!

Beautifully Polished Rocks

Strategy in words can often feel like this

How to draw an owl

What is Product Discovery?

A cross-disciplinary and an intensive time-boxed session to help define your product roadmap.

Core Components

1. Understand

2. Explore

3. Learn

4. Connect

We'll focus mainly on explore in this talk and go pretty deep on it.


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