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Tower Defense (with Unicorns!)

O NOES! The demon army is crossing over the edge of the night sky and storming the Cloud Palace. Only you and your army of unicorns can save the kingdom.

Why another tower defense game?

TDW/U (Tower Defense with Unicorns) is not your average, run-of-the-mill TD game. TDW/U adapts to your style as you play. If you kill demons quickly, they become more powerful; if you fail to kill them, they become more numerous. In addition, the waves of demons are endless, so you must continually improve.

How to Play

Playing is simple. As soon as the game begins, demons wil begin making their way towards your gates. To build a defensive tower, click on its button on the right sidebar, and then on the square you would like to place it in. Be careful, though, because building towers costs you sparkles, which can only be replenished by killing demons (the more powerful the demon, the better the reward!). Any demons who make it into the Cloud Palace will decrease your happiness. If your happiness drops to zero, you will lose the ability to defend the palace, and your world will be consumed by darkness.

Types of Towers

To aid you in your defense of the Cloud Palace, you will have access to five different types of towers:

  • Love Towers: Love towers are inexpensive and in large numbers can pack quite a punch.
  • Rainbow Towers: Rainbow towers shoot rainbow energy bolts at nearby demons. They have better range than Love towers
  • Wish Towers: Wish towers shoot shooting stars at passing demons. Wish towers fire quickly and do considerable damage.
  • Unicorn Gates: Opening a unicorn gate calls your friendly unicorn allies to eradicate the invading demons. Unicorn gates fire slowly, but do considerable damage.
  • Sunshine Towers: Sunshine towers do massive damage to nearby enemies, but they cannot fire projectiles.
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