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(What) should I prefix?

NOTE: Any help is much appreciated. At the moment this is a very simple MVP-style one pager and some of the info is missing. Ideas and feedback? @valuedstandards !

Knowing what CSS features to prefix is hard. Things change (-OperaKit- anyone?) and documentation, even Preprocessor mixin libraries, are often out of date. This is simply(!) an attempt to have a handy list of CSS features and their prefixes, if any.

It is a WIP, not complete, will contain errors blah blah


While having a reference page such as this project provides is neat, parsing your CSS and automagically inserting the proper prefixes is awesome.

Autoprefixer does exactly this: it parses CSS and adds vendor prefixes to CSS rules using values from Can I Use.

Seriously: look into using @autoprefixer. It works with plain CSS, Sass, Less, you name it. You can even try out a live demo