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Code for "Hyperparameter Selection under Localized Label Noise via Corrupt Validation"

If you use this code, please cite the following paper:

Hyperparameter Selection under Localized Label Noise via Corrupt Validation
D. I. Inouye, P. Ravikumar, P. Das, A. Datta.
Learning with Limited Labeled Data (NeurIPS Workshop), 2017.

A majority of this work (including this code) was completed by David I. Inouye during a summer internship at Rakuten Institute of Technology, Boston.

Label Corruption and Quality Tools

This repository provides estimators related label corruption (or label noise).

One significant implication of label corruption is that model selection evaluation is no longer standard because the evaluation measures are computed on corrupted labels.

Thus, this project suggests an alternative model selection procedure than the standard cross validation technique. At each fold, the training data is synthetically corrupted (ideally, in a similar way to the original corruption mechanism) while the testing data is kept the same. This mimics the actual goal which is to estimate a good model based only on corrupted training samples.

The labelcorrupt Python module provides a very strong empirical non-parametric corruption model via KNN. Note that this model is dependent both on the data (i.e. dependent on X) and on nearby labels (i.e. y_i is dependent on y_j).

The labelquality module provides some estimators for predicting label quality based on a probabilistic view of models. The labelquality module is untested and mostly shows the basic idea of estimating label quality. Also, for text documents, we suggest using a very simple probabilistic model such as Naive Bayes or KNN.

Structure of repository - Module for label corruption via KNN. - Module for estimating or correcting for label corruption via probabilistic estimators.

tests/ - Primarily includes a framework for performing synthetic experiments to validate the efficacy of the model selection methods.

tests/notebooks - Includes a two demos to show how the modules can be used. Demos use synthetic data.


Please use the requirements.txt file to create environment (merely used conda list --export). Note that code was developed using older modules than the current ones. In particular, the main module version numbers needed are below.


Conda installation commands from a blank Python 3 environment:

conda install scikit-learn=0.19
conda install pandas=0.20.3
conda install jupyter
conda install -c plotly plotly=2
conda install tornado==4.5.3


Code for NeurIPS workshop paper (2017) "Hyperparameter Selection under Localized Label Noise via Corrupt Validation."






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