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;;; test-cases.clj -- Unit tests of Incanter functions
;; by David Edgar Liebke
;; March 12, 2009
;; Copyright (c) David Edgar Liebke, 2009. All rights reserved. The use
;; and distribution terms for this software are covered by the Eclipse
;; Public License 1.0 (
;; which can be found in the file epl-v10.html at the root of this
;; distribution. By using this software in any fashion, you are
;; agreeing to be bound by the terms of this license. You must not
;; remove this notice, or any other, from this software.
;; March 12, 2009: First version
;; to run these tests:
;; (use 'tests test-cases)
;; need to load this file to define data variables
;; (use 'clojure.contrib.test-is)
;; then run tests
;; (run-tests 'incanter.tests.test-cases)
(:use clojure.test
(incanter core io)))
;(def incanter-home (System/getProperty "incanter.home"))
(def incanter-home "../../")
;; read in a dataset from a space delimited file
(def test-data (read-dataset
(str incanter-home "data/cars.dat")
:delim \space
:header true)) ; default delimiter: \,
;; read in a dataset from a comma delimited file
(def test-csv-data (read-dataset
(str incanter-home "data/cars.csv")
:header true))
;; read in a dataset from a tab delimited file
(def test-tdd-data (read-dataset
(str incanter-home "data/cars.tdd")
:header true
:delim \tab))
;; read in the iris dataset from a space delimited file
(def iris-data (read-dataset
(str incanter-home "data/iris.dat")
:delim \space
:header true))
;; read in the social science survey dataset from a space delimited file
(def ols-data (to-matrix (read-dataset
(str incanter-home "data/olsexamp.dat")
:delim \space
:header true)))
;; convert the space-delimited dataset into a matrix
(def test-mat (to-matrix test-data))
;; convert the csv dataset into a matrix
(def test-csv-mat (to-matrix test-csv-data))
;; convert the tab-delimited dataset into a matrix
(def test-tdd-mat (to-matrix test-tdd-data))
;; convert the iris-data into a matrix, encoding strings into multiple dummy variables
(def iris-mat (to-matrix iris-data))
(def iris-mat-dummies (to-matrix iris-data :dummies true))
(deftest io-validation
;; validate matrices read from files
(is (= (reduce plus test-mat) (matrix [770 2149] 2)))
(is (= (reduce plus test-csv-mat) (matrix [770 2149] 2)))
(is (= (reduce plus test-tdd-mat) (matrix [770 2149] 2)))
;; confirm that iris species factor was converted to two dummy variables
(is (= (first iris-mat) (matrix [5.10 3.50 1.40 0.20 0] 5)))
(is (= (first iris-mat-dummies) (matrix [5.10 3.50 1.40 0.20 0 0] 6)))) ;; end of io-validation tests
(deftest read-dataset-validation
(doseq [[name cars-dataset]
[["dat" test-data]
["csv" test-csv-data]
["tdd" test-tdd-data]]]
(is (= [:speed :dist] (:column-names cars-dataset)) (str "Reading column names for " name " failed"))
(is (= 50 (count (:rows cars-dataset)))) (str "Reading rows for " name " failed"))) ;; end of read-dataset-validation tests
(def parse-string (ns-resolve ' 'parse-string))
(deftest parse-string-validation
(testing "Parsing string values into numbers"
(is (= 1234 (parse-string "1234")))
(is (instance? java.lang.Long (parse-string "5678")))
(is (instance? java.lang.Long (parse-string "1330418008377")))