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New to git?

Useful links

Quick guide

When I switched to git I got used to a specific git workflow, inspired by my previous experience with subversion. These are just a handful of commands and a tiny bit of git's full capabilities but it may be useful for you as well. (by Johannes Raggam)

Global Settings


$ git config --global "USERS NAME"
$ git config --global USERS@EMAIL

Create global gitignore

$ echo -e "*.mo\n*.pyc\n*.pyo" > ~/.gitignore
$ git config --global core.excludesfile ~/.gitignore


$ git clone


First, create a github project on collective

Second, create a project on your local computer and initialize it

$ mkdir PROJECT
$ git init # initialize git versioning in current directory
$ git remote add origin

These settings will let you push with just "git push" as command

$ git config branch.master.merge refs/heads/master
$ git config branch.master.remote origin

Create local gitignore

$ echo -e "bin\ndev\ndevelop-eggs\neggs\nparts\n*.egg-info\n.*
    \n!.gitignore" > .gitignore

Add files, commit and push

$ git add . # add current dir and subdirs to project
$ git commit -am"MESSAGE" # commit all staged changes
$ git commit FILE -m"MESSAGE" # commit FILE
$ git push # push changes to master on github

$ git pull # update
$ git fetch # or so

Some more useful resources

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