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DevNQ Website

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This repository contains the source code for the DevNQ Website, If you're looking to find out more about DevNQ, North Queensland's software developer community, head to the website.

This repository is made available to allow for the submission of contributions by members and the general public. We welcome new content, bugfixes and updates. If you're interested in contributing see the Contributing section below.



Three steps are required to setup the DevNQ website for development or build.


  • Ruby 2.4.2
  • Bundle 2.0.1
  • Node.js 8.x or higher
  • NPM 5.x or higher

1. Configure NPM Access to FontAwesome Pro Repositories

npm config set "@fortawesome:registry"
npm config set "//" <FontAwesome Pro Token>

2. Install required dependencies

npm install

NPM install will install all NPM dependencies followed by Ruby Gemfile dependencies using the Bundle tool.

Local Development

This repository includes a local development server for testing changes on http://localhost:4000.

npm run serve

This development environment also includes the appropriate webpack configuration to update the necessary CSS and Javascript bundles when these are modified.


The project can be manually built and optimised, ready for deployment using the following command:

npm run build


The website is hosted with Github Pages inside the same respository as this source is stored. Deployment is normally handled by Circle CI on all new commits to the master branch. Alternatively, with appropriate Github access the website can be manually deployed from any machine.

npm run deploy


DevNQ welcomes contributions to our website. With our Jekyll-powered website you can make code contributions to this repository to modify or update the website's content or design. These will automatically be deployed to the live website after being reviewed by the project maintainers.

How to contribute

If you'd like to contribute, start by searching through the issues and pull requests to see whether someone else has already made contributions to these areas. You may be able to assist by reviewing their work, or addressing their issue.

If there isn't an existing issue or pull request with feedback from the maintainers consider the scale and impact of your contribution:

  • If your contribution is minor, such as a typo fix, open a pull request.
  • If your contribution is major, such as a new page or a large design change, start by opening an issue and collecting feedback first. That way, other people can weigh in on the discussion before you do any work.

To make a contribution to this repository we recommend using the standard Fork and Pull Request Workflow to submit a pull request which can be reviewed by our maintainers.


  • Contributors to all DevNQ projects are expected to conform to the DevNQ Contributor Code of Conduct . All contributors should read and understand these rules before making any commits, issues, comments, or pull requests.
  • Contributions must pass all validation and linting tests to be accepted.
  • Copyrighted content should only be included in DevNQ media with the copyright holders permission. Contributions containing copyrighted content should be accompanied with evidence of the copyright holder issuing DevNQ unlimited and perpetual rights to publish their content on our website.

Current Maintainers

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