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davidjb's dotfiles

Run the included script and it will install the included settings files into the current user's home directory:

sudo apt-get install git
git clone --recursive
cd dotfiles

Alternatively, pass the script a directory name or path to customise the install location:

./ /path/to/install

Most aspects will work on both Ubuntu and Mac platforms. Certain aliases and configuration may be specific to one platform or the other.

Manual Steps

  1. Set up the macOS terminal:
    • Import mac-pro-terminal.terminal for a profile
    • Set the default shell command to /usr/local/bin/bash

Useful notes

For useful notes, snippets, and general information, take a look at NOTES.


I use dotfiles to handle the syncing (symlinking) of dotfiles into and out of this repository. For new files that you'd like to track, run this:

dotfiles --add ~/.vimrc

For files within the repository that should be symlinked onto the system, use:

dotfiles status
dotfiles --sync


Nope, nothing. Just use what you'd like, how you'd like to use it. Consider this software public domain so you can remix any part of it into your own configuration without needing to attribute it.

That said, spot and report an error and win a gold star. You can always drop me a line if what I've written here helps you out!

To Do

  • Vagrant and MongoDB
  • Read:
    • :help unimpaired
  • Refinement of vimrc configuration
    • Indentation of reST files - changes indent levels but changes from implicit to explicit numbering (or unordered to ordered)
    • Python support (refactoring etc)
    • PyMode and Rope for refactoring support
  • Convert to Salt provisioning
  • Handle private aliases for Bashrc
  • Handle private SSH configuration/generation
  • Determine other standard dependencies for development
  • Automate installation of:
    • Virtualenv-wrapper
    • Vagrant and MongoDB


Thanks for all the various plugin mainainers for their awesome work. My life wouldn't be the same. Thanks also to the various resources below for allowing me to tweak my configuration to be "just right":


Various aspects of configuration




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