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Support for configuring Kodi/XBMC/RasPlex/etc for use with a generic "PC Remote", found for a few bucks on eBay.
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Generic "PC Remote" support for Kodi & related HTPC software


This is support for Kodi or its cousins for USB remote controls that look like this:

Remote control

They can be had for around $5 AUD on eBay and other disreputable marketplaces.


The pc-remote.xml file should be installed on Kodi (on LibreELEC) here:


You'll have to adjust the path for use with any other install flavours. Also, the file can actually be named anything.xml, providing it is in the keymaps directory.


Use with a Logitech remote

The Logitech Remote control was customised to send different signals and "hijack" other types of buttons to perform specialist actions. For example, the My PC button sends 0; e keys so we map that to simply the e key to open the ContextMenu in Plex. Within the Logitech Remote software we normalise this so the Menu Logitech button sends the My PC button IR signal.

The keypress-logs.txt file contains a history of what every button on the remote translates to and the named_remote.txt is a full record of the default Plex keyboard configuration for a Media Centre remote.

More info

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