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Sensor for Home Assistant to track periodic events
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Periodic Event tracker for Home Assistant

This is a simple sensor for keeping track of the state of a weekly periodic event, occurring on the same day of the week. At present, it is reasonably opionated being one-day-a-week but supports different weekly periods (weekly, fortnightly, monthly, bimonthly and so on). The display of the event is available in several formats.

Screenshot of demo sensors


Copy or symlink the periodic_event/ folder to custom_components/periodic_event within your configuration directory, creating the custom_components/ directory if it doesn't already exist.

Add a sensor into your configuration.yaml file like so:

  - platform: periodic_event
    name: Next Payday
    icon: mdi:currency-usd
    epoch: 2019-02-05
    frequency: 2

With this example, you'll now have sensors sensor.next_payday and sensor.next_payday_date available for use within your dashboard. Your sensors will be named differently depending on the name: you choose.


  • name: the textual name for your event sensor, used to determine its entity ID. For the exact entity ID, refer to your Home Assistant "unused entities" screen.
  • icon: the icon to display for this entity, in standard Home Assistant notation
  • epoch: any given date that your event occurred in the past. Its weekday (eg Monday through Sunday) is used to determine the day of the week a future event will be on.
  • frequency: number of weeks between events. Use 1 for weekly, 2 for fortnightly and so on.


PRs are welcome but open an issue first to discuss anything major.


MIT; see LICENSE.txt.

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