Classical inheritance in JavaScript (i.e., classes, interfaces, etc.)
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Classic, not convoluted.

Clásico is designed to provide a simple DSL for classes and classical inheritance in JavaScript. Writing classes is usually a real pain in the ass, because JavaScript doesn't technically support classes--it just has objects. That's all fine and well, but if you're used to using classes, writing constructors and prototypes really complicates what should be fairly simple to do.

Clásico comes out of my personal need for a tool like this, and my disdain for the libraries and frameworks that usually come packed around it. I realize that this functionality is available in a number of other libraries, such as MooTools, but I don't need the bloat that comes with that. I tend to use jQuery a lot (and sometimes other libraries), but need some structure to base the rest of my code on. Anywho, this should be fairly framework agnosticish.

##Declaring a class:

// Assume that MyParentClass is already defined.
var MyClass ={
  name: 'MyClass',
  extends: MyParentClass,
  implements: MyInterface
  initialize: function(){
    // Constructor
  public: {
    myMethod: function(){ ... },
    myOtherMethod: function(){ ... }


  • Finish test suite.
    • Inheritance
    • Modules
    • Inclusion
    • Interfaces
    • Kernel methods