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This project provides a Policy Enforcement Point (PEP) SDK in Java that generates a XACML 3.0 authorization request and response in accordance with the JSON Profile of XACML 1.1.
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This project provides a PEP SDK for Java, that generates a XACML request and response in accordance with the JSON Profile of XACML 1.1. The project is organized into a number of submodule projects using Apache Maven. Please see their brief descriptions below, or see the submodule project's READMEs.

The models can be used to POST a request to a Policy Decision Point (such as the Axiomatics Cloud Native PDP), using the client of your choice.

Examples of clients are provided int the client-* projects

Project Contents

More information can be found at OASIS's JSON Profile of XACML v 1.1.

How to Use the SDK

See example code in the Example code using clients and models subproject

Future work

  • Java Builders for the request-related models to assist in creation of requests
  • Kotlin Builder to provide a DSL-style builder, useful in testing.
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