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@davidjerleke davidjerleke released this 22 Feb 21:53
· 25 commits to master since this release

✨ Release highlights

🌟 New core features

  • Automatic slide/container size change detection with ResizeObserver.
  • Automatic detection of added/removed slides with MutationObserver.
  • Improved performance of slidesInView now using IntersectionObserver instead of custom calculations.
  • New options to give devs more control: watchDrag, watchResize, watchSlides and dragThreshold.
  • New events: slidesChanged and slidesInView.
  • New Autoplay events: autoplay:play and autoplay:stop.
  • Embla now works with elements that come from other realms, such as iframes.
  • Support using tab on focusable elements to navigate the carousel.
  • Calculations for element dimensions and snap positions now work even if these elements have applied transforms.
  • Frame rate agnostic animations.
  • Support for any media queries (not just width queries) in breakpoints option.
  • New plugin: AutoScroll.
  • And more...

🌟 New integrations/wrappers

🌟 Documentation

🌟 Misc

  • Tests have been added, improved and refactored so they test the final product instead of isolated components.
  • Improved issue/discussion setup with templates.
  • Improved contribution guidelines - Thanks @zaaakher for all your efforts!
  • A significant increase of contributions, both from current and new contributors.
  • A significant increase of embla-carousel-svelte and embla-carousel-vue users.

🙏 A huge thank you to everyone who contributed to this release!


Embla Carousel is an open source MIT licensed project. If you are interested in supporting this project, please consider:

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Full Changelog: v7.1.0...v8.0.0