A modern CSS reset
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A modern CSS reset

Other solutions have been invented since, but I still think Eric Meyer's CSS Reset is the best way of approaching the problem of getting a predictable baseline across browsers. I've adapted Eric's original reset for the modern browser landscape.


  • Removed display:block for HTML5 elements -- no need any more
  • Removed line-height:1 -- leading is a project style decision
  • Added font:inherit for form elements -- saves doing it per-element later
  • Added box-sizing:inherit universally and border-box on root -- nicer box model by default
  • Added text-size-adjust:100% on root -- fixes some unwanted mobile browser behaviour
  • Added max-width and max-height to image elements -- responsive by default
  • Added sensible defaults for text-level semantic elements

Browser support

IE9+, Edge, Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Opera.