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This is an unofficial LaTeX Beamer theme modelled roughly after the website of the University of Warwick.

It is heavily extended from a theme by Patrick Totzke

See example-pres.pdf for a demo.

To use it place the logo-with-descriptor.pdf and .sty and the files where latex can find them and include \usetheme{Warwick} in your preamble.

It has several options, e.g.


  • externalfront shows 'The University of Warwick' below 'Warwick' only on the title page.
  • external shows 'The University of Warwick' below 'Warwick' on every page. (externalfront is subsumed under this option).
  • style is one of aubergine,blue,ruby,orange,gold. Default is blue.
  • nowarwickmain turns off the Warwick logo on normal slides. stays only on the front

If you don't want to brand as Warwick, but just use the colours and \warwicklogo:

  • supresswarwick turns off the Warwick logo in the right corner everywhere (subsumes nowarwickmain. Further externalfront,external are irrelevant under this option.)

The command \warwicklogo{#1} provides the Warwick logo of size #1 (with The University of Warwick) in the colour of the theme. Useful for the front page. (If updating, previous versions did not have the size parameter)


Warwick LaTeX Beamer Theme



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