DNN Azure Accelerator is a project to publish the famous DNN Platform CMS on the Windows Azure Platform by using Azure Cloud Services (PaaS model).
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DNN Azure Accelerator

DotNetNuke powered by Windows AzureDNN Azure Accelerator is a project to publish the famous DNN Platform CMS on the Windows Azure Platform by using Azure Cloud Services (PaaS model).

Includes a wizard to deploy the free, Open Source DNN Platform using virtual hard drive (cloud-drive) that is created dynamically on Azure Storage. Enables the creation of new DNN host instances from on-premise to the cloud using a wizard that guides you on this process, creating the SQL Azure database, uploading the solution engine and associated service configurations.

The wizard also automates the provision of resources required to deploy your DNN instance on Azure, from creating the required hosted service, storage account and database server. The deployment process ends with the latest DNN Platform installation downloaded directly from CodePlex. To get started, unzip the wizard package and start the DNNAzureWizard.exe.Review the Getting Started section.

The wizard comes with a package that deploys DNN Platform on Small sized instances (also included ExtraSmall, Medium and Large packages). You can increase or decrease the number of webroles that serves the DNN site. One of the webworkers will mount and share the VHD drive, and then all the webworkers will connect to the share. 

A SMB package is also included where a SMB role is who mount and shares the drive. Both SMB worker role and webworkers can be deployed on High Availability.


Getting Started with Windows Azure and DNN Platform

Joe Brinkman has produced an excellent video tutorialabout how to deploy DNN Platform on Windows Azure using this accelerator. You may also want tocheck this post about the new features of this release.

DotNetNuke Azure Accelerator 6.2 video

Getting started

The summary of steps for deploying DNN Platform on Windows Azure is:

    1. You can sign-up for a free month trial here 
    1. Downloadthe DNN Wizard Accelerator package and uncompress it
    2. Run DNNAzureWizard.exe and follow the steps

This accelerator has been inspired by a blog post of Dinesh Haridas that you may also read to understand the background.