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redist/Sharepoint Server 2013 Client SDK

Office 365 scripts and utilities

Office 365 utilities, PowerShell scripts and related stuff.

PowerShell scripts


This script allows you to search for long paths on SharePoint Online document libraries that normally causing synchronization issues with OneDrive for Business 2013. The limitations and restrictions are described at

Requirements: install SharePoint Server 2013 Client Components SDK:


.\Get-SPOInvalidFilesForSync.ps1 -SiteName "" 
                                 -DocumentLibraryName "My Documents" 
                                 -Credential $credentials 

-SiteName The SharePoint Online site's URL. Ensure to specify https

-DocumentLibraryName Optional. The name of the library to process

-Credential Optional. The credentials to be used to connect to SharePoint Online. If omitted, the script will pop up for input

-Verbose Optional. If specified, all verbose messages will be shown