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CROWN: the Community-enRiched Open WordNet

CROWN is a semantic network and ontology built on top of WordNet and is directly compatible with all WordNet-based software libraries and algorithms. CROWN is built using state-of-the-art machine learning to automatically enrich WordNet's existing network with new lemmas and senses from resources such as Wiktionary.

This repository hosts the source code for building CROWN from scratch, all documentation for the project, and the issue tracker for bugs and feature requests.

Why use CROWN?

  • Significantly-expanded vocabulary that includes many missing terms in WordNet --especially slang, idioms, and domain-specific terminology
  • Seamless compatibility as a drop in replacement for WordNet
  • Regularly updated with new content

Quick Installation

CROWN is distributed as stand-alone dictionaries in the WordNet format, just like WordNet 3.1, from our Downloads site. See our Releases page for full details.

If you use WordNet on the command line, installation is easy! The software provided with WordNet lets you seamlessly change the dictionary directory used by the software with the WNSEARCHDIR environment variable. Simply download the CROWN data release archive and unpack it. This should create a directory called dict containing CROWN. Then set your WNSEARCHDIR environment variable to the location of this directory, e.g.,

export WNSEARCHDIR=/path/to/crown/dict

For a more permanent installation, simply replace the WordNet dict directory in the directory where WordNet is installed (e.g., /opt/local/share/WordNet-3.0/) with the CROWN dict.

If you use libraries to interface with WordNet, CROWN can be used by providing the path to the CROWN dict directory instead of the usual WordNet directory. See the WordNet page for Related Projects for library options in your language of choice.


See our project page for full details of the project. The Installation page has additional for detailed instructions on how to install CROWN on systems and how to integrate the resource with commonly-used software libraries. Also, see our Frequently Asked Questions for additional details documentation.


CROWN is also not possible without the extensive effort by the WordNet team in creating the resource and the Wiktionary community in creating and maintaining a community-constructed dictionary.


For general questions or discussion, please get in touch with us on our Google group page or by email at

If you have discovered a bug in the build software or want to report an error in the CROWN data, please create a new Issue on our github page.


The Community-enRiched Open WordNet (CROWN)



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