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A USB volume controller
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fade - A fancier attempt at a dedicated volume control

Work in progress

This is a generalized development board for V-USB, using the ATTiny85 without a crystal.

The board files are free for re-use, modification, and manufacture without restriction.

The repository here contains KiCAD sources (schematic/board files), basic V-USB code that implements a key-based HID media controller (with modifications for this board) and a Bill of Materials listing.

Note: The VID/PID need to be properly defined before using this board in production. This should be your own VID/PID, or from a source such as

Usable pins

Pin on ATTiny Goes to Connected to ISP as
PB0 Pin 2 on connector MOSI
PB3 Pin 3 on connector Not Connected
PB4 Pin 4 on connector Not Connected

Bill of Materials

This builds one board

Quantity Placement Description Digikey Part Number Notes
1 Center, with corner dot aligned to silkscreened dot ATTiny85 (PDIP) ATTINY85-20PU-ND ATTiny in PDIP format
1 2.2K 2.2K ohm resistor 1276-5070-1-ND Pull-up resistor for D- (0603 imperial)
1 4.7K 4.7k ohm resistor P4.7KGCT-ND Pull-up resistor for AVR RESET line (0603 imperial)
1 C1 10uF 16V 20% X6S capacitor 490-10499-1-ND Bypass at USB input (0805 imperial)
1 C2 0.1uF capacitor 490-1532-1-ND Just buy a bunch. Singles are expensive! (0603 imperial)
1 USB box at board edge (4 pads with plated through-holes) USB connector WM17116CT-ND Mini USB-B
2 68R 68 ohm resistor 311-68GRCT-ND USB data terminators (0603 imperial)
2 D1+D2 with striped side opposite board markings 3.6V Zener diode BZT52C3V6-E3-08-ND SOD123 format

Optional components

Quantity Placement Description Digikey Part Number Notes
1 ATTiny footprint (aligned with the U silk) 8 pin DIP socket A120347-ND The older socket used in prototypes was P/N 390261-2 and was discontinued
1 330R 330 ohm resistor 1276-5050-1-ND Current limiting resistor for PWR LED
1 Next to 330R (+ - silk) Power LED 475-2512-1-ND Red LED 0603 imperial
1 +5V / GND silk-screened box Right angle 1x5 female header S5480-ND For connecting to carrier boards (female header)
1 +5V / GND silkscreened box Right angle 1x5 male header S1121E-05-ND For connecting to carrier boards (male header)
1 2x3 header 6 pin AVR ISP header 3M9459-ND For flashing the ATTiny85

Flashing firmware

Ensure that you have all the avr tools necessary to compile the firmware. On Debian/Ubuntu based systems the dependencies are:

sudo apt-get install -y build-essential gcc-avr gdb-avr binutils-avr avr-libc avrdude

In the firmware directory (depending on how your system permissions are setup pre-pending sudo may be necessary):

cd firmware
make hex
make program
make fuse

Fuses (important)

These must be programmed, otherwise your board will not enumerate with the host.

avrdude -c buspirate -p attiny85 -P /dev/ttyUSB0
 -U hfuse:w:0xdd:m -U lfuse:w:0xe1:m


board schematic


Board files, schematic and PCB are CC0 1.0 Universal.

V-USB firmware and accompanying source code is GPL 2.0 licensed.

For more information and full license text, see the file in this repository.

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