Spin up a WordPress development site in Docker Compose with two containers hosting separate services
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About this Docker Compose file for WordPress


Copy or clone this file into your chosen folder, and then type docker-compose up.

When it finishes loading and both containers are running, go to localhost:8000 and follow the WordPress instructions for setting up your site.


Docker creates a volume out of the wp-content folder, which contains everything that most developers will need: themes, plugins, uploads and sometimes things like caches and other temp files for plugins and frameworks.

The wp-content folder is replicated the the host's (i.e. your computer's) folder where you installed docker-compose.yml. Everything you change there is replicated inside the WordPress container. Cool!

When you're not on your WordPress dev site

For best results, when you're done for the day shut down the containers with docker-compose stop. Then tomorrow morning, go to the correct folder on your computer, enter docker-compose start and go to localhost:8000 in your browser.

Warning: Do not enter docker-compose down unless you want to erase your containers. Even though your volumes (i.e. your themes, plugins and database) are saved, you will need to rebuild brand new containers with docker-compose up.

This Docker Compose file has not been tested using docker-compose down so YMMV if you are able to reuse your existing themes, plugins and MySQL database. Refer to the Docker Compose documentation for details.