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Virtual Template System for Episerver

Virtual Template system for Episerver allows editors to edit templates in the Episerver UI without the need for a release.

More information can be found here:

Change log


  • Fix bug where searches are not run if a user presses [enter]


  • Fix bug where file name searches are not case-insensitive


  • Add abilty to search in file contents


  • Bug fix when deleting content


  • Version history showing last 5 versions now visible in the UI
  • Icons and colour now used in the UI
  • Fixed a bug where an exception would be thrown if the application tried to access a file in Application_Start()
  • Changed URL segment to VTS
  • Add sub-resource integrity hash for the ace-diff library


  • UI bug fix for black text when should be white
  • Issue when tempalte paths contained ~ signs


  • Upgraded to Bootstrap 4
  • Templates are now saved in the Episerver content repository (no longer the DDS)
  • Added "changed by" column in list view
  • Added "Save and close" button
  • Save button now stays on current view
  • Moved and renamed some button layouts
  • Added a close X button to the top right
  • Fixed a file encoding bug when reading certain file encoding types from storage
  • Fixed an issue when comparing files that had embedded </script> tags
  • Number of refactoring tasks


  • Added the ability to compare and merge the edited template with the one on disk
  • Minor code tidy up/refactoring


  • Compatible with Episerver 11
  • Abiltiy to search templates (thanks to Validis for some inspiration from DBLocalisationProvider)
  • Code highlighting when viewing and editing thanks to Ace Editor
  • Moved the templates link under the CMS menu
  • Some wording changed to be more editor friendly