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RxCSS is a very small library for manipulating CSS Custom Properties (aka CSS Variables) with RxJS Observables.

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Make sure RxJS is installed and globally available.


You can either use RxCSS in an existing project:

npm install rxcss@latest --save

Or you can include it directly in a <script> tag:

<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>


const mouse$ = Rx.Observable
  .fromEvent(document, 'mousemove')
  .map(({ clientX, clientY }) => ({
    x: clientX,
    y: clientY

const style$ = RxCSS({
  mouse: mouse$,

// Optional
:root {
  --mouse-x: 0;
  --mouse-y: 0;

.ball {
    translateX(calc(var(--mouse-x) * 1px))
    translateY(calc(var(--mouse-y) * 1px));


RxCSS(observableMap[, target])

Sets each key/value pair, where each value is an observable, as a CSS variable on the target.

  • observableMap (Object) - an object where each:
    • key is the CSS variable name to be set on the target
    • value is either an Observable stream of values, or a single value to set the CSS variable to.
  • target (Element) - the DOM node to set the CSS variables to. Default: document.documentElement.