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It's lodash for Sass. Sassdash.

Why? Developed with Sass toolkit developer in mind, Sassdash gives you nearly the full expressive power of lodash for JavaScript, inside your SCSS projects. Developers can also build SCSS libraries on top of Sassdash for concepts such as advanced animation composition and timing, 3D CSS rendering, geometrical rendering, complex grid frameworks, and more.

Sassdash is a collection of utility functions, just like lodash. Sassdash never outputs any CSS declarations as it provides no mixins to do so (except for _rules, which is pretty handy).

Getting Started

This library contains most of the implementable functions from lodash. See below to see which functions are included.

  1. npm install sassdash or bower install sassdash
  2. @import 'path/to/sassdash' in your project
  3. Use your new powers wisely.

FYI: Neither Compass nor Eyeglass are required. Sassdash works in both Ruby Sass and Libsass (latest versions)!

Using Sassdash

If you are familiar with lodash, Sassdash will feel very natural to you.

$maps: (
  ('name': 'barney', 'age': 36),
  ('name': 'fred', 'age': 40)

_pluck($maps, 'name'); // ('barney', 'fred')

Functions are chainable in Sassdash via _(...), but there is no lazy evaluation. Results are output immediately. Since Sass does not have a natural concept of method linking, linking in Sassdash is done by having each link represent:

  • The method name (first item)
  • The arguments (2nd - nth items)
$foobar: ('a' 'b' 'c', 'd' 'e' 'f', 'g' 'h' 'i');

  _map _join,
  _reduce _str-concat,
  _concat 'jkl',
  _join ' -- '); // 'abcdefghi -- jkl'

Also, just as in lodash, iteratee functions (such as those used with _map) are called with three arguments: $value, $index, $collection. Keep this in mind when passing in your functions as iteratee functions. If your function only expects the $value argument, you can either:

  • Discard the rest of the arguments in the function definition: @function is-even($value, $args...) { ... }
  • Wrap the function with _ary: _map($list, _ary(is-even));

However, native Sass functions as iteratees are automatically guarded! You can simply include them as an iteratee:

$capitals: ('Tallahassee', 'Springfield', 'Austin');

$uppercase-capitals: _map($capitals, to-upper-case);

Running Tests

There are over 800 unit tests. With node-sass, they usually take under 10 seconds to run. With Ruby Sass, they may take anywhere from 1 to 2 minutes.

  1. cd path/to/sassdash
  2. npm install
  3. npm test

New Functions

Sassdash includes a number of helper functions not available in lodash, which include utility functions and implementations of native Javascript functions:

  • char functions - _char-at, _char-code, _char-code-at
  • number functions - _parse-float (alias _to-number) - similar to JavaScript parseFloat
  • value functions - _memo for easy cache manipulation
  • list functions - _reverse, _concat, and _splice
  • string functions - _str-concat and _join (list to string)

* Example:

$map: ('foo': ('bar': ('baz': 'quo')));
$list: (1, ('a': 2), 3);

$baz: _get($map, 'foo' 'bar' 'baz'); // => 'quo'
$something: _get($list, 2 'a'); // => 2

// You can also do this:
$baz: _get($map, ''); // => 'quo'

$map: _set($map, 'foo' 'bar' 'test', 42);
// => ('foo': ('bar': ('baz': 'quo', 'test': 42)))

$list: _set($list, 2 'a', 42);
// => (1, ('a': 42), 3)

Available lodash Functions

  • - Not implemented
  • 🕜 - Coming soon

List (Array)

Sassdash lodash
_chunk _.chunk
_compact _.compact
_difference _.difference
_drop _.drop
_drop-right _.dropRight
_drop-right-while _.dropRightWhile
_drop-while _.dropWhile
_fill _.fill
_find-index _.findIndex
_find-last-index _.findLastIndex
_first _.first
_flatten _.flatten
_flatten-deep _.flattenDeep
_head _.head → first
_index-of _.indexOf
_initial _.initial
_intersection _.intersection
_last _.last
_last-index-of _.lastIndexOf
_object _.object → zipObject
_pull _.pull
_slice _.slice
🕜 _.sortedIndex
🕜 _.sortedLastIndex
_tail _.tail → rest
_take _.take
_take-right _.takeRight
_take-right-while _.takeRightWhile
_take-while _.takeWhile
_union _.union
_uniq _.uniq
_unique _.unique → uniq
_unzip _.unzip
_without _.without
_xor _.xor
_zip-map _.zipObject


Sassdash lodash
_ _


Sassdash lodash
_all _.all → every
_any _.any → some
_collect _.collect → map
_contains _.contains → includes
_count-by _.countBy
_detect _.detect → find
_each _.each → forEach
_each-right _.eachRight → forEachRight
_every _.every
_filter _.filter
_find _.find
_find-last _.findLast
_find-where _.findWhere
_foldl _.foldl → reduce
_foldr _.foldr → reduceRight
_for-each _.forEach
_for-each-right _.forEachRight
_group-by _.groupBy
_include _.include → includes
_includes _.includes
_index-by _.indexBy
_inject _.inject → reduce
_invoke _.invoke
_partition _.partition
_pluck _.pluck
_reduce _.reduce
_reduce-right _.reduceRight
_reject _.reject
_sample _.sample
_select → filter
_shuffle _.shuffle
_size _.size
_some _.some
_sort-by _.sortBy
_sort-by-all _.sortByAll
_sort-by-order _.sortByOrder
_where _.where


Sassdash lodash


Sassdash lodash
_after _.after
_ary _.ary
_backflow _.backflow → flowRight
_before _.before
_bind _.bind
🕜 _.bindAll
🕜 _.bindKey
_compose _.compose → flowRight
_flow _.flow
_flow-right _.flowRight
_memoize _.memoize
_negate _.negate
_once _.once
_partial _.partial
_partial-right _.partialRight
🕜 _.rearg
🕜 _.spread


Sassdash lodash
_is-arglist _.isArguments
_is-list _.isArray
_is-boolean _.isBoolean
_is-empty _.isEmpty
_is-equal _.isEqual
_is-error _.isError
_is-finite _.isFinite
_is-function _.isFunction
_is-match _.isMatch
_is-native _.isNative
_is-null _.isNull
_is-number _.isNumber
_is-map _.isObject
_is-plain-map _.isPlainObject
_is-string _.isString
_to-list _.toArray
_to-map _.toPlainObject


Sassdash lodash
_add _.add
_max _.max
_min _.min
_sum _.sum


Sassdash lodash
🕜 _.inRange
_rand _.random


Sassdash lodash
_assign _.assign
_create _.create
_defaults _.defaults
_extend _.extend → assign
_find-key _.findKey
_find-last-key _.findLastKey
_for-in _.forIn
_for-in-right _.forInRight
_for-own _.forOwn
_for-own-right _.forOwnRight
_functions _.functions
_has _.has
_invert _.invert
_keys _.keys
_keys-in _.keysIn
_map-values _.mapValues
_merge _.merge
_methods _.methods → functions
_omit _.omit
_pairs _.pairs
_pick _.pick
_result _.result
_values _.values
_values-in _.valuesIn


Sassdash lodash
_camel-case _.camelCase
_capitalize _.capitalize
_ends-with _.endsWith
_escape _.escape
_kebab-case _.kebabCase
_pad _.pad
_pad-left _.padLeft
_pad-right _.padRight
_parse-int _.parseInt
_repeat _.repeat
_snake-case _.snakeCase
_start-case _.startCase
_starts-with _.startsWith
_trim _.trim
_trim-left _.trimLeft
_trim-right _.trimRight
_trunc _.trunc
_unescape _.unescape
_words _.words


Sassdash lodash
_callback _.callback
_constant _.constant
_identity _.identity
_iteratee _.iteratee → callback
_matches _.matches
_matches-property _.matchesProperty
_noop _.noop
_property-of _.propertyOf
_range _.range
_times _.times
_unique-id _.uniqueId