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This project is my vim configuration. I use it for daily development on Mac OS X.


  1. Backup your existing configuration (~/.vimrc and ~/.vim)

  2. Clone the repository

     git clone ~/.vim
     cp ~/.vim/vimrc ~/.vimrc
  3. Clone Vundle

     git clone ~/.vim/bundle/Vundle.vim
  4. Sync the Git submodules

     cd ~/.vim
     git submodule init
     git submodule update
  5. Launch vim and run :BundleInstall

Plugin Specific Installation

Color Scheme

For a Vim colorscheme, I use Solarized. I install it as the default colorscheme in iTerm2 and Vim inherits the colorscheme. Installation instructions can be found in the solarized submodule of this repository or here.

Patched fonts

For the lightline plugin, we need to install patched fonts. For whatever reason, downloading and installing the recommended fonts does not work. I followed the directions to manually patch the fonts here.

cd fonts/firaMono/
fontforge -script ../../vim-powerline/fontpatcher/fontpatcher FuraMono-Regular\ Powerline.otf

After the patching is complete, open FontBook and install the newly patched font.

The fonts themselves come from I like FiraMono regular.