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REM treeanal.sql
Set lines 200 pages 999
Break on report
column partition_name format a20
column timestamp format a28
Column length format 99 heading 'Len'
Column num_uses heading 'Num|Uses' format 99999
Column min_rows heading 'Min|Rows' format 99999
Column max_rows heading 'Max|Rows' format 99999
Column med_rows heading 'Median|Rows' format 99999
Column sum_rows heading 'Sum|Rows' format 99999999
Column avg_rows format 99999 heading 'Average|Rows'
Column stddev_rows format 99999 heading 'Std Dev|Rows'
Column processes format 9999 heading 'Num|Procs'
spool treeanal
With t as (
Select DISTINCT d.tree_name, s.dtl_fieldname, d.tree_acc_method, d.tree_acc_Selector, d.tree_acc_sel_opt
From pstreedefn d, pstreestrct s
where d.tree_Strct_id = s.tree_strct_id
), l as (
Select *
from ps_nvs_treeslctlog l
Where L.selector_Num = &selector_num
Select l.*,
t.dtl_fieldname, t.tree_acc_method, t.tree_acc_Selector, t.tree_acc_sel_opt
FROM t, l
WHERE t.tree_name = l.tree_name
spool off