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Tool for generating HTTPS certificates
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acme-nano is a tool for generating HTTPS certificates that are signed by the Let's Encrypt Certificate Authority. acme-nano is less than 600 lines of code and has no external dependencies, making it easy to audit.

Getting started

One-time setup

  1. Install acme-nano (requires Go version 1.5+):

     $ go get
  2. Register an account:

     $ acme-nano register -account acme.key -email
  3. Authorize account to manage your domain:

     $ sudo acme-nano authorize -account acme.key -domain

Type acme-nano authorize -h for instructions on how to run the authorize command without root.

Generate certificates

$ acme-nano cert -account acme.key -domain -chain

You'll probably want to run the cert command in a monthly cronjob.

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