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(* Executable frontend to the OCaml->XML pretty-printer
* Author: David Lazar
open Camlp4.PreCast
module Caml = Camlp4OCamlParser.Make(Camlp4OCamlRevisedParser.Make(Syntax))
let parse f =
let ic = open_in f in
let strm = Stream.of_channel ic in
let res = Caml.parse_implem ( f) strm in
close_in ic; res
let xml_of_file f =
ASTToXML.print_str_item Format.str_formatter (parse f);
Format.flush_str_formatter ()
let main () =
let argc = Array.length Sys.argv in
if argc < 2 then
(Format.printf "Usage: %s <FILE>\n" Sys.executable_name; exit 1)
let xml = xml_of_file Sys.argv.(1) in
print_endline xml
try main ()
with e ->
Format.eprintf "error: %a@." Camlp4.ErrorHandler.print e;
exit 1
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