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Similar Posts plugin for Pelican.
Adds a `similar_posts` list to every article's context.
import logging
import math
import os
from pelican import signals
from gensim import corpora, models, similarities
logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)
def add_similar_posts(generator):
max_count = generator.settings.get('SIMILAR_POSTS_MAX_COUNT', 5)
min_score = generator.settings.get('SIMILAR_POSTS_MIN_SCORE', .0001)
# Collect all documents. A document gets represented by a list of tags.
docs = [
[ for tag in article.tags] if hasattr(article, 'tags') else []
for article in generator.articles
if len(docs) == 0:
return # No documents, nothing to do.
# Build a dictionary of every unique tag.
dictionary = corpora.Dictionary(docs)
num_features = len(dictionary)
if num_features == 0:
return # No tags, nothing to do.
# Vectorize each document as a bag-of-words. This creates a sparse matrix
# where each line corresponds to a document, and each column a feature.
corpus = [dictionary.doc2bow(doc) for doc in docs]
del docs
# Transform the vectors to tf*idf values. Here we use the same tf*idf
# formula as Lucene's TFIDFSimilarity class, instead of Gensim's default
# formula. Gensim's default idf = log2(D/df) does not handle some edge
# cases very well, for example when all documents have the same terms
# (because log2(D/df) == log2(1) == 0, which implies no similarity!)
tfidf = models.TfidfModel(
corpus, normalize=True,
wlocal=lambda tf: tf ** .5,
wglobal=lambda df, D: (1 + math.log((D + 1) / (df + 1))) ** 2)
# Compute the cosine similarity of every document pair.
sim = similarities.MatrixSimilarity(tfidf[corpus], num_features=num_features)
for i, (article, scores) in enumerate(zip(generator.articles, sim)):
# Obviously, article is similar to itself. Exclude it.
scores[i] = min_score - 1
# Build (document index, score) tuples, sorted by score, then by date.
selected = sorted(
[(idx, score) for idx, score in enumerate(scores) if score >= min_score],
key=lambda idx_score: (idx_score[1], generator.articles[idx_score[0]].date),
article.similar_posts = [generator.articles[idx] for idx, _ in selected]
logger.debug('{article}: similar_posts scores: {scores}'.format(
article=os.path.basename(article.source_path) if hasattr(article, 'source_path') else i,
scores=[score for _, score in selected]))
def register():
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