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A jQuery slider plugin
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Getting started

Krakatoa is a jQuery slider plugin. All you need is to wrap your content inside a container element. The .krakatoa name class is not mandatory for the plugin to work.

<div class="krakatoa">
	<div> Your content </div>
	<div> Your content </div>

Add jQuery and the Krakatoa script.

<script src="//"></script>
<script src="/path/to/jquery.krakatoa.js"></script>

Load the script.

		$('.krakatoa').krakatoa( options );

Options are set with an object as second argument to the .krakatoa() method.

  • width: Width of the slider. String. Works with px and %. The default value is '400px'.
  • height: Height of the slider. Can be set to 'auto' (it will be the height of the actual item), 'max' (the max height of all the items) or a string with units. The default value is '300px'.
  • display: Display mode of the slider, the same as the CSS property. String. Default value is 'block'.
  • arrows: Show the arrows control. Boolean. Default value is true.
  • buttons: Show the pagination buttons. Boolean. Default value is true.
  • items: Numbers of items to show at the same time. Integer. Default value is 1.
  • gutter: Margin between items. Integer. Default value is 10.
  • first: Default item to show. Integer. Default value is 0 and shows the first item.
  • loop: Start again after last item. Boolean. Default value is true.
  • autoplay: Move automatically the slider (except when the mouse is over). Boolean. Default value is true.
  • direction: Movement of the slider. Integer. 1 to go forward, -1 to go backwards.
  • delay: Delay of the next movement in milliseconds. Integer. Default value is 2500.
  • duration: Duration of the movement in milliseconds. Integer. Default value is 500.
  • easing: Animation easing type. String. Default value is 'swing'.
  • callback: Callback function.

More than one slider can co-exists in the same page. If different options are needed for each one, add a data- attribute to the container element.

<div class="krakatoa" data-settings="options">
	<div> Your content </div>
	<div> Your content </div>

The following CSS is required to prevent anything to show while the script is loading:

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