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metasploit framework module for dos fb bots.This module generates a 100kb payload which contains around 600 messages which a bot with wrong X-Hub-Signature implementation will handle like they came from facebook.That will cause the bot to start serveral http calls to facebook and 3rd party servers which have most likely a rate limiting of 1 request per second. That means one request keeps the server busy for 10 minutes.

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To use this module you can either pass this parameter to msfconsole:

msfconsole -m ~/path/to/this/repo

or you could use the loadpath command:

loadpath ~/path/to/this/repo

just set RHOST and RPORT and run exploit. In some cases you can also use the app scoped user id to start an attack against a fb user of this bot. You can use rounds to adjust the amount of requests sent to the server. One request keeps one thread busy for 10 minutes.