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GhettoTCX will parse a TCX file from Garmin, MapMyRide, etc. and generate some basic plots.

The most interesting plot type is the heart rate zone chart.

It can create a panel of plots, by parsing all the files in a given directory.

It's called GhettoTCX because it's no-frills, nothing fancy, not even a true TCX file parser. It simply searches for some keywords and pulls out heartbeat info and lat/long data. And not even at the same time, you need to the read the file twice if you want to plot both.

There are "better" TCX/XML file parsers out there. This one was meant to do one thing (actually two things), quickly and easily: plot heart rate (and heart rate zones). It can also plot lat/long data points onto a scatterplot, but seriously no-frills when you can get nice google maps charts on MapMyRide and practically any other fitness app out there.

It started out (and ended) as a fun weekend programming project... if you are curious about your heart rate zone, and are too cheap (I mean cost-conscious) to pay the monthly subscription fee to MapMyRide for the heart rate zone chart, you can use this free tool instead. Enjoy!

Quick Start


Git clone the repo and then run this command: (use of a virtualenv is highly encouraged).

pip install .

Get your TCX Files

Go to MapMyRide, garmin, etc. and download the TCX files you want to analyse. Save them all in a directory on your harddrive. GhettoTCX can open all the TCX files in a given directory for you.

Checkout the example ipython notebook

Look at tcx-example.ipynb for how to use the tool.


A very bare bones TCX parser to plot heart rate zone.







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