A real-time multiplayer procedural death labyrinth browser game, inspired by Rogue, roguelikes, and roguelike-likes. Powered by Phaser on the front end and Node on the back end.
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Multiplayer Procedural Death Labyrinth

A real-time multiplayer dungeon crawl for up to ten players per dungeon. Dungeons are randomly generated. Responsive design with keyboard and onscreen controls for mobile and desktop play.

Starting a new game

Access mppdl.cheesepencil.com. You will be redirected to the first (of five) floors of a new, randomly generated dungeon.

Inviting other players to your new game

Share the unique URL in your address bar. Any other player that accesses the URL will join you in that dungeon.

Joining an existing game

Find populated dungeons by browsing mppdl.cheesepencil.com/status and clicking on the name of any existing populated dungeon.


You can move the player with the keyboard. Players can move in eight directions to any adjacent unblocked tile.

Q, W, E, A, D, Z, X, C are Northwest, North, Northeast, West, East, Southwest, South, and Southeast, respectively. Alternatively you may also use the numeric keypad.

Mobile users may use the on-screen controls.

Player actions are context dependent and are clickable buttons that appear on the right side of the dungeon view. Currently players can ascend and descend staircases to proceed to the next floor of the labyrinth.