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Jabber-Bot is pluginable lightweight python jabber bot. Every command the bot
can process has to be written as plugin. Writing plugin is easy and everyone who
knows python can write his own in few minutes.
Jabber-Bot comes with few plugins. They are mainly for czech users.
* FML - messages from
* MDT - messages from
* IDOS(czech) - search connections in public transport system
* MHD(czech) - search connections in public transport system in cities
* Weather(czech) - weather information
Write your own plugin! You just have to write one module file and place it in
plugins directory. Here is template:
#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
class MyPlugin:
"""Write help for your plugin here"""
def __init__(self):
# Write initialization code here
def run(self, contact, msg):
# Important attributes of contact: contact.get_jid() and contact.send(msg)
# msg is what user sent you without plugin name
# Write main logic of your plugin here
def exit(self):
# Write clean up code
provides = {'plugin command' : MyPlugin}