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1 parent 93f98dc commit 466b973f59b6f7d71cb0a32b4fa5744bf73d35d3 David Marin committed Aug 2, 2012
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@@ -95,7 +95,8 @@ def uri(self, path):
return path
def path_to_uri(self):
- """Get a map from path to URI for all paths that were added."""
+ """Get a map from path to URI for all paths that were added,
+ so we can figure out which files we need to upload."""
return dict((path, self.uri(path))
for path in self._path_to_name)
@@ -106,7 +107,7 @@ class SetupDir(object):
To support Hadoop's distributed cache, paths can be for ordinary
files, or for archives (which are automatically uncompressed into
- a directory).
+ a directory by Hadoop).
When adding a file, you may optionally assign it a name; if you don't;
we'll lazily assign it a name as needed. Name collisions are not allowed,
@@ -162,7 +163,7 @@ def name(self, type, path):
"""Get the name for a path previously added to this
:py:class:`SetupDir`. If we haven't chosen a name yet, assign one.
- :param type: Either either ``'archive'` or `'file'`
+ :param type: either ``'archive'` or `'file'`
:param path: path/URI
@@ -180,9 +181,11 @@ def name(self, type, path):
def name_to_path(self, type):
"""Get a map from name (in the setup directory) to path for
- all known files/archives.
+ all known files/archives, so we can build :option:`-file` and
+ :option:`-archive` options to Hadoop (or fake them in a bootstrap
+ script).
- :param type: Either either ``'archive'` or `'file'`
+ :param type: either ``'archive'` or `'file'`
@@ -196,7 +199,7 @@ def name_to_path(self, type):
if typed_path[0] == type)
def _check_name(self, name):
- if not isinstance(name, (basestring, type(None))):
+ if not (name is None or isinstance(name, basestring)):
raise TypeError('name must be a string or None: %r' % (name,))
if '/' in name:

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