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Empty string for contextPath not working correctly with resource tag #6

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We're using Grails 1.4 and 2.0. When using the stylesheet tag of the lesscss plugin we would receive a 404 error because the plugin was requesting my less files with an incorrect URL.

I tracked down the issue. For some reason passing a contextPath of "" to the resource tag doesn't work as expected (see line 116 in the generateRelativePath() method of the LessTagLib). I added an if statement on the contextPath so that it won't be passed as an argument to the resource tag call if it doesn't exist. This fixes the URL when a contextPath isn't specified such that the generated URL refers to the default context path.

Thanks for putting this plugin together. It works really well!

@davidmarquis davidmarquis merged commit ca0605a into davidmarquis:master

Hi David,

Can you deploy the latest code to the Grails plug-in portal?


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  1. +5 −1 grails-app/taglib/grails/lesscss/LessTagLib.groovy
6 grails-app/taglib/grails/lesscss/LessTagLib.groovy
@@ -113,7 +113,11 @@ class LessTagLib {
StringBuilder path = new StringBuilder()
- path << g.resource(plugin:plugin ?: null, contextPath: contextPath ?: '', dir: dir, file: name)
+ if(contextPath) {
+ path << g.resource(plugin:plugin ?: null, contextPath: contextPath ?: '', dir: dir, file: name)
+ } else {
+ path << g.resource(plugin:plugin ?: null, dir: dir, file: name)
+ }
if (extension) {
path << extension
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