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What can be learned from 1M+ college course syllabi?
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Open Syllabus Project

Assignment Graph

A force-directed layout of the co-assignment network for the top ~10,000 texts.

Welcome! The Open Syllabus Project is an effort to see what can be learned by analyzing the contents of a corpus of over 1 million college course syllabi. Here you'll find:

  • The source code for the Open Syllabus Explorer web application.

  • A set of generalized utilities for interacting with the corpus.

  • Routines that extract information about citations, fields, institutions, and locations from the syllabi.

  • A harness for parallelizing jobs across multiple EC2 instances. (It would take about a month to run the citation extraction job on your laptop!)

  • Tools for analyzing the structure of the citation graph.

Head over to osp-deploy for a set of Ansible playbooks for deploying to Vagrant / EC2.

How do I get the data?

Drop us a line at We're actively looking to develop research collaborations around this corpus, and would love to hear about what you're working on.

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