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@@ -10,38 +10,42 @@ This is a short guide to installing Blot on your machine. I develop Blot on OSX
- [npm]( (use version ```6.4.1```, installed using nvm)
- [redis]( - Read the [installation guide](

## Getting the code
## Installing Blot

Clone the git repository containing Blot's source code (700mb, sorry!):
**Get the code** by cloning the git repository (700mb, sorry!):

git clone

## Installing dependencies

Move into the repo's root directory and install all some of Blot's dependencies using npm:
**Install the depencies** once you're into the repo's root directory:

cd Blot
npm install

## Environment variables

Fill out and then source the environment variables in
**Export environment variables** needed by Blot:

export BLOT_HOST=localhost
export BLOT_CACHE_DIRECTORY=~/Projects/testblot/Blot/data/cache

Download and install redis. Start a redis server using the redis.conf file in /config
Start a redis server using the redis.conf file in /config

redis-server config/redis.conf

## Running the Blot server

Run the node.js application like this:
Start the node.js application like this:

node app

## Creating a test account

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