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Spring news

You recieved [this email]({{{permalink}}}) because you subscribed to [Blot's newsletter]({{{host}}}/news). You can [unsubscribe]({{{unsubscribe}}}) if you like.

New features:

- Recently I added two new templates to Blot:



Fixed bugs:


There were two downtime incidents over winter:

- The first began after the disk attached to Blot's main server ran out of free space. I have attached a substantially larger disk and set up dedicated alerts when disk space is running low.
- The second downtime incident occured because of overzealous monitoring and incorrect systems in place to recover from server failures.

Featured sites:

Plans for this season:

- I'd like to take a step back and do some research on existing blogging platforms.

You can visit [Blot's website]({{{host}}}) for more information. Feel free to reply directly to this email if you have any questions, or [contact support]({{{host}}}/contact).
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New features:


Featured sites:

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