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davidmerfield committed Nov 21, 2018
1 parent 19af6ea commit 5e73757ca4294e0e18393025f3357d305998e186
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@@ -15,13 +15,13 @@
<div class="line">
<p>The folder for <b>{{blog.title}}</b> is synchronized by <b>Dropbox</b>. If you would like to <a href="/settings/client/switch">use another client</a>, you can switch between clients seamlessly.</p>
<span style="color:rgb(109, 109, 109);">Dropbox</span>
<p>The folder for <b>{{blog.title}}</b> is synchronized by <b>Dropbox</b>. You can <a href="/settings/client/switch">switch to another client</a> seamlessly.</p>
<!-- <br>
--><!-- <span style="color:rgb(109, 109, 109);">Dropbox</span>
--> </div>
<div class="line">
<span class="label">Folder location</span>
<span class="label">Location</span>
<span class="center"> <span style="margin-top:0em;margin-left:-0.25em;display:inline-block;">
<svg version="1.1" id="Capa_1" xmlns="" xmlns:xlink="" x="0px" y="0px"
viewBox="0 0 91 80" style="width:1.3em;margin:0 0.3em;position:relative;top:2px;enable-background:new 0 0 91 80;" xml:space="preserve">

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